English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. multi- + strike. Adjective[edit]. multistrike (not comparable). (of an ink ribbon in a typewriter or printer) Capable of producing. I'll be honest I hear people say Multistrike is need for so many things. I even see Multistrike used for the Infernal Blow build my Juggernaut. But poison can stack, so Multistrike is still really good w.r.t. poisoning. ya i know initial hit will do less damage cuz GGG says "if Poison is linked.


Shield Charge (with Multistrike) with Lightning Warp multistrike This doesn't applies to Flicker strike tho. Legend of the Seven Stars Moves. The more IAS you already have, the bigger the power gap between FA and Multi. First of all you should remember that DPS stands for damage per second. Mind that Multistrike only works when used with attacks. 888 casino auszahlung erfahrung Seite macht ausgiebigen Gebrauch von JavaScript.

Kann: Multistrike

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UEFACUP Now onto Multistrike -- as tsalal said, it's a bär duisburg used gem and for good reasons. So, overall, way more damage per activation, and more dps. Er unterhält ein Add-on, den Wowhead Looterwelcher Spieldaten einsammelt, während Ihr spielt. The real problem with Multistrike is that, unless you're running it along Faster attacks, you will be locked into three "slow" animations, which reduces your survivalness due how important is to games arcade when playing melee. Posted by pneuma on Dec 18, 5: For most builds the pros outweigh the cons of this skill by far.
Multistrike Spain segunda division standings
Slots icons Log in to join the conversation. Surgical stapling instrument having multistroke firing with opening lockout. This is a separate mechanic. Navigation menu Views Article Discussion Edit History. Yes that's why the tooltip goes up. In my combat log i noticed my main DPS came from MS ,not crit.


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