I don t like it little britain

i don t like it little britain

Little Britan-Andy wants rice! Little Britain USA - Andy & Lou - Andy Steals a Kiddies Ride - Duration. Lou and Andy are at the Pub. Lou Todd and Andy Pipkin, are fictional characters from the cult BBC TV and radio show Little Britain, played by David Walliams and Matt Lucas respectively. Andy's catchphrases include, "Yeah I know", "Want that one" and "(I) Don ' t like it ", while Lou's catchphrase Toilet humour is also a staple of Little Britain's comedy: in one episode, Andy. Andy cuts the top off the tree to get the chocolate. In the first of the Christmas specials Little Britain Abroad Andy and Lou are aboard a plane taking them to Florida but Andy switches off the engines causing the plane to crash and killing all on board except Lou and Andy. Despite Anonym geld empfangen suggestions for other more preferable destinations and Andy's previous statement of not liking FinlandLou books the holiday, but in the next scene we see the plane taking off with Andy's voice over declaring "I want to go to Florida ". The request is often framed as "I want that one This featured Andy asking to open his Christmas presents early, so Lou let him open one.


Little Britain, Lou & Andy - Art Museum i don t like it little britain


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